Katy Edgmon

I grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My mom raised us by herself after my dad passed away. I never lacked anything as a kid. Not only was my mom a hard worker, but we were surrounded by a church community that saw needs and met them.

I went to college to be a nurse and worked on a labour and delivery unit before going to graduate school to become a midwife. After graduating, I got a job working in women’s health at a local public health department.

My husband, Blake, and I moved to Ireland in 2012. In the years that followed, we had our son Eden (2013), a miscarriage of our baby Zoe (2015) and the birth of our son, Eli (2016). Experiencing motherhood for the first time reminded me of my clinic office and the many single women who received positive pregnancy test results. As great as our referral system was, I wondered if they were able to experience true, non-critical support from those closest to them.

I was moved to start Zoe Community in 2018 with the hope that women experiencing crisis pregnancy in Ireland will be empowered and supported by their communities.