Martine Curtis

Hi My name is Martine and I am originally from Artane in North Dublin, I now live in Lucan with my husband of 30 years Pat. We have three adult children.

When I was 19 I got pregnant, this was totally unplanned and my whole world was thrown into turmoil. I just did not want to do, abortion was suggested by my boyfriend but I just couldn’t contemplate that at all. I knew I was on my own by his suggestion. I could not bring a baby home because of the shame I would bring on the family so I planned to leave home and go to a mother and baby home. We were going on a family holiday so I was waiting til after that to put my plan into action but my mam found out I was pregnant while we were away. She was so angry I wished she never found out, when we got home she told my whole family and I was trapped. So I had my son and they loved him so much and I was pushed aside. I was not allowed to mother my own son.

I came to a new faith in Jesus and my life completely changed, I was forgiven and loved and accepted. I started volunteering in the church, getting involved, making friends and making a life for my son and I.

In 1991 I began seeing my husband and we married the following year. We were so happy the three of us and in 1993 I became pregnant, we were so excited but this ended in miscarraige which broke us. I met so many women after that who told me of their miscarraiges, this is not something talked about and it needs to be. We went on to have a daughter and son.An opportunity to study to become a sign language interpreter came up which I absolutely loved doing, I worked with Deaf students in colleges across Dublin. It was a very rewarding time in my life.

My experience of being a single mother and the loss of our baby, who we call Miriam has brought me to volunteer with Zoe Community. If I can sit with one girl as they share with their family about an unplanned pregnancy than that is something I would consider an honour. If I could be part of helping a couple or woman deal with miscarraige that would be something I would cherish.

I’m told I’m a natural mother, I believe it is a God given ability to love, support, comfort women in emotional situations with no ulterior motive, just to hear their hearts and support them how ever that may look.