Stephanie Blayney

I’m Steph, originally from the north coast of Ireland, now living in the countryside of Kildare – a seaside girl adjusting to rural living! I’m a mum of three, pastor’s wife.  My professional background is in social policy and local government, but, after taking a career break to move back to Ireland from England six years ago for my husband to go to Bible College, I felt called to a more people focused career.  

I’ve recently completed my Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy and am in the process of setting up my own practice. Outside of work I am passionate about helping women understand the Bible and how it applies to their every day lives.  

For me, Zoe is a reflection of God’s grace and love that is freely given to each of us.  When Jesus walked on earth, He sat with the broken-hearted, He embraced the rejected, He gave peace to the distressed, and I believe that is what Christians are also called to do.   For too long the church has facilitated the hidden shame of abortion and crisis pregnancy, and Zoe is a key part of the process of changing this.