What We Do

We will tailor your support to meet your individual needs. While we don’t provide abortion referrals, we support your right to make your own decisions. 

We will provide non-directive support to women and men experiencing the effects of crisis pregnancy. We will also provide encouragement to local Irish communities as they provide practical support.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients have the highest quality support that can be given by volunteers.

We ensure this by making it a goal to have a high standard of education in our training. We are crafting our training as we speak. Our educators are professionals and skilled in both their fields of study and in communicating to others. Our training will occur over four days and will prepare our volunteers to offer non-directive support. This means that volunteers will encourage clients to slow down and think through every possible option available. Our volunteers will be Garda vetted and interviewed by our Volunteer Coordination team. Only after successfully completing these three steps will volunteers be cleared to assist clients.

Volunteers will also offer encouragement as well as practical support, if clients so choose. If a client chooses abortion, volunteers will continue to be available if that client needs support. Volunteers will not assist clients in obtaining an abortion, but they will offer continuous care, as needed by the client.

We encourage free discourse about the realities of sex, relationships, childbirth, abortion, adoption and parenting. These discussions need to take place in all areas of society and in home life.

We will soon be launching an anonymous live web chat service. This will be for people who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy and are uneasy with the possibility of choosing abortion. It will also be for people who have experienced abortion and would like to talk with someone about it. Our live chat service will be operated by trained volunteers (an all-female team). They will be ready to read anything you need to share and will be committed to simply being there for you. 

You can choose to remain anonymous and keep your details private. If you request to meet with a volunteer to discuss practical support, you will be asked about your general location so you can be connected with someone near where you live, if possible. Volunteers will not direct you into a decision, but simply “listen” and encourage you to explore various scenarios that may be worth exploring. A volunteer will help you find a professional counselor near you.

If you want to meet one-on-one with a volunteer to have a more in-depth discussion about support, we will arrange that for you at one of our designated office spaces or another place of your choosing.