Ana Pires

I’m Ana from São Paulo, Brazil and I’ve lived in Dublin since 2008. I graduated and worked as a Business Administrator in Brazil. I studied Computer Science and worked part time in a coffee shop after I moved to Ireland. I now work in the technology industry, supporting clients. 

Around March 2018, I felt a strong need to pray for women facing pregnancy crises and their supportive organizations. I never thought I’d be called to work to make such an organization alive. Since I’ve joined Zoe to develop the website, I’ve as well walked a path of Zoe’s first client myself as I began to treat my own post abortion trauma. I work with Zoe to build a community hub where women facing uncertainty around being pregnant can be supported, respected and cared for. 

My desire is that these women feel they have a safe community to share their situations. I love that I work with an organization that will train and equip volunteers to support others without judgment. I have lived without shame and guilt following my abortion since the day I decided to seek help.