How do I Volunteer with Zoe Community?

By continuing, you undertake that you have familiarised yourself with Zoe Community’s values and principles, as set out here.

We are very excited that you are interested to support women in your community through Zoe!!

  …Here’s what you need to know:

Fill out our Application Form

We want to know more about you! Click on the link below to fill out our online application form and start the process.

Let's Chat!

After sending your online application we will contact you for an interview with one of our team facilitators.

Garda Vetting

Once you have applied and gotten in contact with our team, we will send you information on how to get vetted through Zoe Community




After your vetting paperwork has been approved, you are through to the third round in this process: Training! (Times and locations to be announced on our home page events section).

Final Interview and Feedback

At the end of the training, we will set up a final interview with you. This gives you a chance to give us feedback and discuss any hopes or concerns you may have.

Note: Sometimes, depending on when training is available, the order of this process will change. Additionally, not every person who applies may be accepted to join a team. Our process is not merely a formality. For the safety of our clients and the honour of the vision we carry, we need to select team members very carefully. This process also gives applicants the opportunity to consider whether volunteering with Zoe is still a good fit for them.

What can I expect as a Volunteer?

Here is what you can expect to commit to as a Zoe volunteer:

  • A once-off process of training, Garda-vetting and an interview.
  • You will be expected to check in with a local church on a monthly basis to let them know how support is going and let them know about opportunities to partner with clients practically. You shouldn’t have to give support on your own – many churches are eager to help out in practical ways. “Checking in” would simply involve a meeting with the church’s core leaders. If you do not attend the church, that is fine! That will be your practical support network (for anything ranging from maternity clothes to client accommodation assistance), so keeping them up-to-date is a must.
  • You will be expected to listen and respond to women without criticism or directing the conversation.
  • You will be expected to refrain from politically-motivated activity or posting political topics on social media.
  • If you are operating the live chat, you will be expected to follow our guidelines (as you will learn during training) of confidentiality, data protection and timely responses.
  • If you are volunteering for face-to-face practical support, you will be expected to offer windows of time in which you are available and be flexible if clients miss their appointments. You will also be expected to arrive 15 minutes early to an appointment so that you can greet the client when she arrives.
  • All in all, you can expect to commit to about 2-4 hours per week. If you are interested in committing to more or less time, that is absolutely doable.

What can I expect from Zoe?

  • Once monthly group mental health supervision: you may be told things by our clients that can be extremely sad. You need to be able to share those experiences with a qualified counselor on a regular basis. Zoe will provide this opportunity for you in group sessions.
  • Once monthly check-in with our volunteer support coordinator. They need to know how you are feeling, as well. You will be given a person who will connect with you on a monthly basis to help you problem solve or just be a listening ear.
  • The support of a local church behind you. We will only release you to volunteer if we have received confirmation that a local church is going to be there for you. This is a tough job and we are all in it together! Church groups that care about women in crisis pregnancy are a great resource because they believe in reaching out to others in their communities.
  • Links to resources for your client meetings. We want you to be equipped to support women on a practical level. There are resources out there and we are committed to making the process of finding them as smooth as possible.