A Community of Courage

Empowering Women for Life



Contact us if you want to:

  • Help women in crisis pregnancy
  • Subscribe to be part of our prayer team
  • Get supplies to your door or just need somebody to talk to.

Note: We are in contact with volunteers ready to assist countrywide

Training Postponed

Due to COVID-19, our current training days are temporarily postponed. Meanwhile we at Zoe want to show our massive appreciation to you who are: 

  • Volunteering in your community to assist those who need support due to COVID-19.
  • Volunteering to make the videos and bringing content to our training.
  • Watching the videos and working hard to be a Zoe Volunteer.
  • Contacting us and signing up to this first training group.


We are growing by the day and working hard to bring you more volunteers, better services and more valuable information.

People involved
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